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DeuDraa - Portfolio

Our Major Projects

Juvismart is a Headache consulation system for both neurologists of Great Ormond street hospital and patients. Consultants are provided with a desktop system where they could monitor and prescribe the medicines for patients

A Mobile Responsive web application is developed for headache patients of Great Ormond street hospital, in which they record the headache data and also its effect over their day-day activities.JuviSmart ensures a patient centered treatment.

This is developed initially to manage the complete operations of Global Impex LTD. It aims to provide solutions for small and medium sized industries to manage Sale order, purchase order, Human resources, resource planning, materials and delivery.

Once it is deployed to Global Impex LTD, rich features are added to the application to make it more generic to let it manage manufacturing industries irrespective of the materials, dimension and location.

Administrators, Delivery Drivers and Clients, Administators generate invoices, accept quotations. This applications generates rich reports for the sales and payments. It also reminds admins about the invoice due dates and pending payments

Delivery Drivers are notified in a calendar and reminded about the day-day deliveries and customer locations, drivers deliver the products and get authorization from the customers and send the generated invoice to the customer's email.

CRM is to manage student enquiries,appointments, registrations, payments and offers. This CRM is developed for the colleges and training institutes to manage their sales and admissions

A Sleek, easy operable system, which ensures staffs a minimal work to manage customer enquiries, manage appointments, event notifications, accept student registrations, accept payments online and generate offer letter for the students.